Riihivilla is a small Finnish family business, which sells naturally dyed Finnsheep wool. It belongs to me, Leena Riihelä.  Because I dye everything by hand with natural dyes, in small lots, we don't sell wholesale. You can buy Riihivilla yarns and kits only from our online shop or from us at the marketplace Kauppatori in Helsinki where we have larger variety of colour available than in the oneline shop. You can reach me best by email riihivilla (at) gmail.com.

You can also find me occasionally in Ravelry, my name there is leena.


We sell most of our yarns at the marketplace Kauppatori in Helsinki. In the online shop we have kits and undyed yarns, and also some naturally dyed yarns from time to time, though most of them are sold at the market. We sell in our booth at the market on Saturdays during autumn and winter, and in the summer we sell there also on other weekdays.  Summer is our main selling season at the market. You can find the exact marketdays in the summer in my blog, I write the exact days when he will be at the market in the beginning of each week. .

Kauppatori is a big market in the middle of the city, just by the harbor where many cruise ships come, and where the ship to island Suomenlinna leaves.

You are very welcome to our booth when you come to Helsinki.


I started to dye with natural dyes first in the beginning of 1980, and ten years later 1990 we moved to a small farm and started to raise our own Finnsheep. Riihivilla was founded in 1995, and at the same time we started to sell our products at the Kauppatori in Helsinki. 2000 we got a permanent selling place at Kauppatori, and by that time we found out that there is only so much one (or two) people can do, so we gave up our own sheep, and concentrated to dyeing yarn and selling it.

Now we buy the good Finnsheep wool from our farmer friends, and get it processed to yarn in a small mill Pirtin kehräämö, where they make the yarn to our specifications. Then I dye the yarn with natural dyes, by hand.

You can read about how my yarns are dyed in my blog.

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Leena Riihelä

Koskentie 774

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VAT FI 1348382-2